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Research and Development

  • The idea of innovation, push the developments of product

  • Jinhu people believe that only innovation can sustain the development of an enterprise

  • With over twenty years of development and accumulation, Jinhu has gathered a group of excellent employees specialize in managing, administration and specialized works. All of them devote themselves to the product research and technological development. From the single manufacturing and processing of screw to the designing and manufacturing of the whole production line of plastics and the whole set of chemical fibre, Jinhu also expands its business to real estate and invests in education sector. Jinhu keeps gearing to the market, and pressing ahead for development.

Advanced CNC CNC Machining Center

  • We have imported advanced machine such as CNC milling machine, HVOF alloy powder spray unit and so on, with which our company has more ability and our brand is becoming leader in the field of plastic machinery both at home, even at abroad.

Treatment Equipment, Quality Inspection Equipment

  • Advanced heat treatment equipments and test devices

  • The advanced heat treatment, alloy powder spray unit, vacuum quench and cementite oven and chrome plating workshop insure our products have higher quality.

Product Catalog