PC. PMMA.PS.MS Sheet Production Line
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PC. PMMA.PS.MS Sheet Production Line
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  • 1.Transparence: superior transparent and aged- resistance.

  • 2.Radiation-resistance: UV layer co-extrusion, preventing ultraviolet radiation from damaging.

  • 3.Impact-resistance: its impact-resistance is 250-300 times more than normal glass.

  • 4.Fire-resistance: GF8624-97 test, belongs to fire- resistant B1 class, none burning drop, none toxic gas.

  • 5.Heat-resistance: it's not affected its quality and physical performance under a circumstance of -40℃ to +I20℃.

  • 6.Portability: light weight, easy to move, install. Good thermoforming capability.

  • 7.Sound insulation: superior sound insulation, mainly used for sound insulation material on the highway.

  • 8.Production seope: Max width 2000mm. Thicknoss 1.5-1 5mm.


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